Zombies in Boxhead

Zombies are a very different character which is used in this game. These zombies are not like the conventional enemies that we get boxhead to see in any other action game. They are a bit slow in their movement. Most importantly they do not possess any real weapon for attacking the main character of Boxhead. They mainly rely on the melee attacks. So it is advised to maintain as much distance as possible from the zombies.

They are also not bright and their power is also negligible. But they are many in number and so defeating them becomes an issue when the gamer is slow. They were once the citizen of the city but they turned to a zombie when a virus attack was cursed on them. These characters roam around the city in search of foods and likes human flesh.

Scorpion – World of Solitaire

Scorpion is a type of solitaire game that also uses 52 cards of the deck. This game is world of solitaire related to spider form of Solitaire also. Rules are somewhat similar to the Yukon format of the game. Here also the main objective is to make four pure sequences of the suits. This game starts with the 49 cards that are dealt spreading over the seven columns. There are three facedown cards in each of the first four columns.

Rest of the cards in the three columns is exposed. Last three cards of the pack of the cards are set aside for usage in the later period of time. The game gets over when there is no more possible move in the game. This game is won when all the cards are arranged properly in all the four suits.

How to play the Trollface Quest?

All the levels of the game have their own significance and the importance for the player. As the level or the version becomes higher, the player trollface quest 2 has to face more tricky situations to cross the levels. Let us take an example of Trollface Quest 15 game. It is a game in which you have to save your character that is a stickman. The stickman stands outside the cabin shivering with cold in the winter and the responsibility of the player is to get him warm.

For this, you can_t move simply into the cabin, but you have to use tips and tricks. You will have to increase the temperature and remove the snow from the door to open the door of the cabin. You have to do this quickly, otherwise you will face a wildfire and the level will end up.

Vex-How to Play

Vex has gained popularity among vex 2 the game lovers because of its unique levels and exciting platform on which you play. It is not like your regular arcade game and thus it has won the hearts of many people because it is very simple to play yet the difficulty increases with each passing level. Once you begin playing the game here, are the key that will help you control and guide your stick man in the right direction:

* Use A or left arrow key to move in the left direction.
* Use D or right arrow key to go in right direction.
* Use W or up arrow key to make your character jump over the obstacles.
* Use S or the down arrow key to make him dive under the walls.
* You can use M to mute the music.
With these easy control keys, give your stick man the right direction and protect him from the spikes and other traps so that you can accomplish maximum levels in the least amount of time to become the best player of this interesting game. Hope that now you can easily play this game by using these simple control keys.

Rivals in Yandere Simulator

The very first of the ten rivals of Yandere Simulator is OsanaNajimi. This character is used in the tutorial mode of Yandere Simulator. The character will run yandere simulator download behind Senpai to get his attraction and affection. This character is a student of Akademi High. This character was previously not available in Yandere Simulator and later it was implemented after creating around twelve varieties of the character and then they were implemented in Yandere Simulator.

While paying Yandere Simulator, Yandere Simulators may have noticed that the in the South-west of the plaza there was a character under the cherry tree. This character is also a Rival Chan. However in Yandere Simulator, there had been several modifications of the rival characters from time to time. This rival character seems to be someone invincible and none can eliminate them. The developer has given an enormous effort for designing this character.

Bloons Tower Defense 4

Because of the popularity of Bloons Tower Defense game, the creator developed version 4 to make it even more exciting and fun. This silly little flash game offers hours of entertainment and difficult puzzles for you to solve. You need to play the expansion cautiously in order to complete all levels and continue further into the game. To beat the bloons tower defence 5 bloons you need to have a strategic mind and skill to complete all the levels successfully.

The Bloons TD 4 has 4 brand new crazy fun tracks to play. You will be mesmerize on the Sandy Spiral Track, unlock the secrets of the Monkey Temple, struggle in the Subterranean Sewer or challenge your intelligence on the Triangle of Insanity. Deflation mode is also introduced in the expansion. This mode is very challenging as you start with 50,000 as your virtual money but you will have a hard time increasing it.

Also added in this version of Bloons TD is the Tower Specialties, which you can only unlock once you have completed the new tracks in different difficult levels. The Tower Specialties allow you to customize your strategy by creating some towers on your own which is much cheaper to purchase, at the expense of adding cost to other items.

Learn to Fly 2 – Goals and Secrets

Lightbringers Learn to Fly 2 is a worthy sequel because of its added features. Flaws of learn to fly 2 the previous version like short replayability and poor audio were all addressed in this sequel. The game’s graphics were improved with hilarious cutscenes involving funny penguin scribbles. The game controls include the left and right arrow keys to tilt or A and D, space bar to boost or you can use the mouse to control the penguin.

Your main goal in Learn to fly 2 is to destroy the five obstacles by hitting them. Stay away from payloads as it will increase your damage. You need also to increase your money so you can buy upgrades to boost your altitude, duration, distance, destruction and speed each time you attempt to fly. You can earn cash through challenges. Players can collect bonus points and spend them in the Bonus Shop. You can get these bonus points by collecting medals.

Some of the secrets in Learn to Fly 2 are as follows:

* Click the penguin nose for the easy way
* Click the money counter to give an inch
* Click the money counter again to take a yard
* Click on the gliders catalog found in the shop menu, then proceed to the last page and in whirlybird 512 click on the free space for the brick.
* If you lose the fuel while in mid-air you will be refueled by Rob
* Click on medal eight on the medals page for achievement.

Amazing tip to win GunBlood

Constantly shoot for the foe’s head for a quick knockout. For an example, as per my experience, you require becoming a specialist of reflexes to win this one. As the gunblood game breakthroughs further, the concern level begins increasing. Your competitor will certainly take lower time presently to fire anybody and his exactness will increment.

Consequently, you should boost your enjoyment after eventually.

An alternate fascinating ability of Gunblood is, so it emphasizes a few extra adjusts. In them you’ll need to fire things like flasks, feathered creatures and more without striking your right-hand man standing when before you. As a whole, this is a fun diversion with a certain end goal to breathe freely despite the fact that enhancing your reflexes alongside. As the game advances further, the difficulty level begins boosting. Your challenger will certainly take lower time currently to shoot you and also his reliability will additionally boost.

New avatars of the little boy on Run

In one of run 3 the latest leads of the game, the creative team has gone all overboard with their imagination and added a lot of avatars to choose from. Although you still start with the old little baby boy running to save himself from the great fall, as you proceed with the levels and grab a few achievements, the following come up.

Rastafarian- she can jump farther after getting a bridge and it can be used for more than one time when played in the infinite game mode.

Bunny- it is very easy to navigate through and can jump higher than the child. Also when the bunny falls, it is not as hard as the others.

The gentleman is a very useful avatar to play with and prevents himself from falling out of the tunnel. He is definitely more powerful than the child and runs faster too.

How to play Red Ball 6?

If you have already invested hours in playing the previous versions of the game then you may know the details of all versions of red ball games. Basically the main character is same and the thus playing it can red ball be a fun. At Red Ball 6 you will be blown away with the graphics and the background music. The music is so balancing with its steps that the users will have an utter delight to play.

The 6th version is equipped with new obstacles, new levels special achievements and new enemies. After accomplishing a specific level, the users will get to play the following one.

Well, the play zone gives the option to go back to the previous level you have already played. All you need to do is selecting the level list via Pause button. Then clicking the on the main menu and then clicking on start will let you play it. Gladly news is overcoming all the challenges will help you to gain a medal.